The J4K size guide is based on actual fits and experiences of our gloves and apparel on our goalkeepers over the past 12 months.

They are a only a guide of course as height, width and build of one keeper to another can be different even at the same age.

However we are confident that as we created this size guide based on the above, we have made the order process as accurate and simple as possible.  



Did you know the shape of your hand dictates the glove type you should choose? A lot of goalkeepers make the mistake and buy a glove because their favourite professional goalkeeper wears them. Please do not do this.

You MUST pick a pair of goalkeeper gloves that is suited for your hand shape. Please see below the three main goalkeeper gloves that you can choose, with a brief but clear description of the glove shape.

1. Roll Finger

The most popular glove type as creates a more substantial feel on the hands compared to Negative or Hybrid styles. The latex wraps or rolls all the way around the fingers from back to front, creating the maximum latex to ball contact giving great catching security. Suited for goalkeepers with thin slender hands or fingers.

2. Negative Cut

An increasingly popular cut as it creates a tighter more streamlined feel on the hands. A flatter catching surface compared to the Roll Finger due to the internal stitching with latex gussets. Perfect for the keeper who prefers a tighter fit and extra feel on the ball. Suited for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.

3. Hybrid Cut

Hybrid Cut combines the best of the above two cuts where the little finger and index finger of the glove is a Roll Finger giving more latex to ball contact and catching security, with the middle two fingers being Negative Cut for a tighter feel. Suited for goalkeepers who have irregular shaped hands or fingers.

General Advice

The above is a general rule of thumb, and the only way you will ever know which style is right for your hand is to try them on. You must feel 100% confident in how they feel on you. If you have any doubt with the fit or feel of a glove, DO NOT buy them as the style is likely not suitable for your hand.


J4K gloves have been designed to perform and last. On the feedback of hundreds of goalkeepers at all levels of the game, J4K gloves have been bought after the let down on buying a so called big brand expensive pair. However all gloves requires TLC to make them last so the below four steps will help.

STEP 1  Pre Wash

It is beneficial and good practice to pre wash gloves. Fill a basin of cool water without soap or detergent. Gently wash for around 5-10 minutes. Gloves should be worn to make this process natural as rubbing hands together allows the latex to absorb the water several times and often achieve the best results.

STEP 2  Drying Preparation

Rinse the gloves using COLD water making sure to squeeze out any excess water as much as possible.

STEP 3  Drying

Always leave the gloves to dry naturally by placing on the floor or table on top of a towel. Never force dry by placing on a radiator or by placing them into a tumble dryer. This will affect the latex often going hard on the surface causing cracks and significantly reducing wear and performance. 

STEP 4  Pre Use (Match Day and Training)

The palms of the gloves should be damp at the start of each match and training session. A splash of water onto each palm and rubbing them together is often sufficient. Often keepers can be seen 'spitting' on to gloves after a quick sip of water before a game or even during a game to keep the grip at its optimum.

General Advice

The above steps set up the gloves for optimum use and improve the gloves performance and durability over time. Glove wear cannot be guaranteed based on time as keeping style, surface type, weather conditions, ball contact frequency all will affect this. It is advisable to have separate pairs of the same glove for match day and training.